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Trade Secret Identification and Protection

Protect your Trade Secrets

Trade secrets provide companies with a competitive edge in producing and selling goods or services. From non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) and confidentiality agreements to internal policies and procedures, it is important that companies have a reliable and comprehensive trade secret strategy in place. Our IP attorneys are trade secret law experts.

Trade Secret Identification and Protection:
TR&R identifies and advises on trade secrets, including customer lists, methods of doing business, formulae, devices and manufacturing techniques. We can develop a trade secret protection strategy to identify trade secrets and keep them protected.

Trade Secret Plan Development:
TR&R develops thorough plans designed to protect clients’ most valuable assets and keep them out of competitors’ hands.

Trade Secret Due Diligence:
TR&R partners conduct trade secret related due diligence in mergers, acquisitions, financing and related transactions.

Trade Secret Litigation:
TR&R helps clients defend and litigate their trade secrets in state and federal courts using our network of litigation professionals.

Trade Secret Agreements:
We prepare employment agreements, employee manuals, confidentiality agreements and NDAs designed to protect key differentiators from the ground-up. We also prepare trade secret license agreements.

TR&R trade secret services expertise includes:

  • Identification
  • Strategy
  • Protection
  • Plans
  • Due Diligence
  • Enforcement
  • Maintenance