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Litigation Support: Strategic IP Asset Review, Expert Testimony

Winning Strategies for IP and Technology Litigation

A winning IP strategy often includes defending what has been created. At Taylor, Russell & Russell, we have supported IP-related litigation by providing strategic guidance and services. Our litigation support attorneys focus on keeping clients out of the courtroom, but when it’s unavoidable, we provide the resources and expertise to position our clients for success. From identifying the right litigation attorney to collaborating with our clients’ team, our partners have extensive experience navigating complex technology and IP law cases.

Pre-emptive strategic review:
The first objective is to ensure our clients stay out of court through sound legal strategies. We review clients’ current IP assets to identify any weaknesses.

Litigation attorney network:
Our extensive professional network enables us to help our clients identify highly experienced litigation attorneys to meet their specific needs.

TR&R partners collaborate with litigators to provide expertise for patent, trademark, trade secret and licensing agreements

Non-competes and non-disclosures:
If these are violated, our team works to create a meaningful strategy for resolution in our clients’ favor.

Expert testimony:
As leading experts on patents, trade secrets and licensing agreements, we provide expert testimony and interpretations of IP.

Our litigation support services include:

  • Reviewing current IP assets and analyzing potential pitfalls
  • Working with experienced litigation attorneys
  • Collaborating as an IP expert team member through the litigation process