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Trademark Attorney for Trademark Search and Trademark Registration

Austin Trademark Attorney
Trademark protection begins with a consultation with a TR&R Austin trademark attorney who will assist you with trademark search, trademark application preparation and trademark registration.  Taylor Russell & Russell trademark lawyers are experts in intellectual property law, and will guide you through the process of trademark application, trademark registration and trademark enforcement.   To ensure protection of your intellectual property, schedule an initial consultation with a TR&R trademark attorney.

Trademark Registration
Trademarks are a form of intellectual property, and confer on the owner exclusive legal rights to use a registered trademark for the goods and services set forth in the trademark registration and to prevent others from using it in ways that may cause confusion with the registered mark.  The trademark application is filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which maintains a database of registered trademarks.  Your TR&R Austin trademark attorney can undertake a trademarks search prior to filing your trademark application, and can advise you on trademark register-ability and enforcement matters.

Maintaining and Enforcing Your Trademark

Your TR&R trademark attorney can advise you on maintaining and enforcing your trademarks. When a trademark application is approved by the USPTO, a trademark certificate of registration issues. Your US registered trademark is valid so long as you continue to use it on the goods and services listed in the certificate of registration and renew it within certain time frames.  If you suspect an infringement of your trademarks, your Austin trademark attorney can notify the allegedly infringing party by sending a cease and desist letter. Your Taylor Russell & Russell Austin trademark lawyer can provide expert advice and assistance in enforcing your trademark.

Trademark Litigation
After a cease and desist notice is sent, if the third party disputes or ignores the notice sent by your trademark lawyer, you can decide whether to undertake trademark enforcement actions, potentially including trademark litigation, to enforce your intellectual property rights.   Often trademark disputes may end in a settlement agreement or in negotiating a trademark license agreement with a third party. 

Austin Trademark Attorney | Taylor Russell & Russell | IP Law
Taylor Russell & Russell has experienced trademark lawyers who can advise and assist you with trademark search, trademark application and trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in foreign countries, and pursue trademark enforcement procedures including litigation in Federal Court.  Located in Austin, Texas, TR&R provides intellectual property law services to clients throughout the U.S.