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Patent Attorney for Patent Search, Patent Application and Patent Prosecution

Patent Application
A TR&R Austin patent attorney enhances the value of your invention and intellectual property with patent protection, beginning with the preparation of the patent application. The patent application contains, at a minimum, a brief history of the field of the invention, the problem solved by the current invention and its uniqueness, one or more drawings of the invention, a detailed description of the invention and the drawings, and the patent claims which define the boundaries of the intellectual property the client is seeking to protect.  The patent attorney, working with the inventor, drafts and files the patent application with its patent specification, drawing and claims. The patent lawyer responds to office actions from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)and negotiates the patent application and its  claims with the USPTO in a process called patent prosecution.

Because the patent prosecution process is complex, it’s important to have a registered patent attorney prepare your patent filing and conduct patent prosecution to protect your intellectual property and the business value of your invention.  A Taylor Russell & Russell Austin patent attorney will represent you before the USPTO in the patent prosecution process concerning issues of patentability.

Patent Enforcement
Enforcement of patents is a complex legal process, and requires a patent infringement attorney experienced in patent litigation to protect your intellectual property rights. Subsequent to the patent grant and issuance, the TR&R Austin patent attorney can  assist in patent enforcement and even patent litigation in the event of alleged patent infringement of your patent by a third party.  If infringement is suspected, a TR&R patent lawyer can draft a patent infringement notification to send to the alleged infringer, conduct patent licensing negotiations, or assist in initiating patent litigation if necessary.

If your company is alleged to have infringed another’s patent, the Taylor Russell & Russell Austin patent attorney will help you assess your options and defend your intellectual property rights.

Austin Patent Attorney
The Taylor Russell & Russell IP law firm in Austin, Texas has intellectual property attorneys with expertise in patent application preparation, prosecution and patent enforcement.  Our lawyers are well versed in IP law and technology patents, including software patents and international patents.

TR&R attorneys specialize in patents strategy and intellectual property management.  We conduct patent searches and due diligence, prepare and negotiate patent licensing agreements, and have successfully represented inventors before the USPTO.

Contact the Taylor Russell & Russell law firm for an initial consultation with an Austin patent attorney.